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Distrust in the Hong Kong and mainland governments' ability to contain the Covid19 virus has pushed local Hong Kong residents to take protective measures into their own hands.


The Hong Kong government will "seriously reflect" after voters gave pro-democracy candidates a landslide win in council elections following months of demonstrations. 


'It was through the sewers or surrender to Hong Kong riot police - I had no choice'

Desperate, traumatised and hungry after days locked inside Hong Kong's last besieged university, the young woman in her 20s looked down into the narrow pipes of the sewers. 


Protests drive record numbers to Hong Kong polls in 'referendum on Carrie Lam'

Hong Kong voters turned out in record numbers on Sunday for district elections, with early results showing pro-democracy candidates triumphing over those who have sided with Beijing in the six-month-long protests.


Hong Kong medics accuse police of blocking emergency care to protesters

Leading Hong Kong medics have accused the police of violating international norms after emergency workers were detained and blocked from treating injured protesters during the violent siege of the city’s Polytechnic university last weekend.


Rebuilding Hong Kong, Piece by Piece

Unable to attend the protests in person, Ash fights for Hong Kong’s freedom at home. Armed with an arsenal of LEGO blocks, he builds.

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